Eleni Voukloutzi

American Farm School of Thessaloniki - Thessaloniki, Greece

Eleni Voukloutzi is a STEM teacher. Her teaching subjects are Physics, Environmental Sciences and Chemistry to students aged between 15-18 years old. Eleni Voukloutzi's teaching aims to provide her students with necessary and useful tools in order to make science education more inspiring. Her objective is also to enhance cooperative and collaborative learning.

Eleni is an active use of ISE resources and participates regularly in ISE activities in Greece. She also submitted an entry to the 2014-2015 Learning with Light competition, which was of such high quality that it was Highly Commended.

Investigating the law of reflection and the refraction

Learning with Light competition entry

Eleni’s entry to the competition is called " How a Rainbow can arise?". Describing her entry Eleni says: 

Rainbows are among the most visually stunning phenomena in nature. My didactic proposal has been designed for students to investigate and answer questions about the formation, the shape, the observation time of a rainbow and the observer's appropriate position. Through selected virtual labs they understand the interaction of sunlight with small water drops in the atmosphere.

Here are some of the resources Eleni used in her entry: