Beatriz Padín Romero

Colexio M. Peleteiro, santiago de Compostela, Spain

Beatriz padín Romero teaches Physics and Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science to students ranging in age from 12 to 16. She has prepared educational material for the online platforms Inspiring Science Education, Virtual Science Hub and the CK-12 Foundation. She uses these and other resources such as GeoGebra in Maths or the PhET simulations in Physics and Chemistry because "they are a great aid in learning Science in a more meaningful and engaging way". Beatriz attended several courses and conferences organised by different universities and organisations, including European Schoolnet and Scientix, the University of Santiago de Compostela, the University of Alcalá, in order to learn new ways of teaching Science and Technology.

Beatriz also submitted an entry to the 2015-2016 ISE Learning Scenario competition, which was considered to be one of the top 7 entries to the competition by the judges. As a finalist, Henna took part in the Inspiring Science Education Conference 2016 in Athens on 22-24 April 2016 where the overall winner of the competition was announced.

ISE Learning Scenario entry

Beatriz’s entry to the competition is called "Una bola de demolición llena de energía” (A wrecking ball full of energy). Describing her entry Beatriz says:

Have you ever wondered how strong a wrecking ball is? This lesson links ICTs with enquiry-based learning to introduce the concept of mechanical energy. Using cheap and easy to find material and free software, the students build a model of a wrecking ball and analyze its kinetic and potential energy, eventually finding out by themselves the principle of conservation of mechanical energy.
Enquiry is a powerful tool in the teaching of science due to the satisfaction produced as the learners discover for themselves the solutions to the given challenges, making them feel motivated, independent and responsible for their own learning.