Open Discovery Space

Open Discovery Space (ODS) addresses various challenges that face the eLearning environment in the European context. The interface has been designed with students, teachers, parents and policy makers in mind. ODS will fulfill three principal objectives. Firstly, it will empower stakeholders through a single, integrated access point for eLearning resources from dispersed educational repositories. Secondly, it engages stakeholders in the production of meaningful educational activities by using a social-network style multilingual portal, offering eLearning resources as well as services for the production of educational activities. Thirdly, it will assess the impact of the new educational activities, which could serve as a prototype to be adopted by stakeholders in school education.


Whether you are a teacher, researcher or project manager, Scientix will make sure you know about one another and facilitate mutual dialogue. Since 2009, Scientix has been bringing together resources and best practices in science education across Europe. In that time, the project has collected more than 200 projects, and over 1,000 teaching and learning materials developed by STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) by national and European projects.
The Scientix project is now entering a new phase. The focus of the project will shift more towards the teachers and educators who drive the project forward.

The Goerudio project

European educational systems are facing two common challenges:

  • secondary and vocational education students experience a lack of motivation when studying scientific related topics
  • school teachers are required to find innovative teaching methods in order to promote the interest of their students toward scientific issues

In this context the European Commission has financed the “Goerudio” project in the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme (KA4 Dissemination and Exploitation of Results, and Exchange of Good Practice).

The Goerudio Portal provides access to:

  • Science Teachers’ experiences
  • Science Students’ experiences
  • Reviews of relevant initiatives in the field of science teaching
  • National workshop


Beatriz Padín Romero

Beatriz padín Romero teaches Physics and Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science to students ranging in age from 12 to 16. She has prepared educational material for the online platforms Inspiring Science Education, Virtual Science Hub and the CK-12 Foundation. She uses these and other resources such as GeoGebra in Maths or the PhET simulations in Physics and Chemistry because "they are a great aid in learning Science in a more meaningful and engaging way".

Henna Anunti

Henna Anunti is a geography, biology and health science teacher to students aged between 13-19  years old. Her aim in developing teaching practises is to use technology in science education in a pedagogically relevant way. Her recent focus has been in strengthening the students' geospatial thinking skills by utilising geomedia. Digital learning environments and resources, such as the ISE and the ODS, greatly support and assist the use of ICT in her collaborative learning and teaching projects.

José Gonçalves

José Gonçalves teaches Physics and Chemistry to students ranging in age from 12 to 18.

José is an active user of resources from ISE and Go-Lab and participates regularly in ISE activities in Portugal. He also is Galileo Teacher Training Program Ambassador and actively participate in competitions, meetings and training programmes such as the Dark Sky Rangers competition, the Astronomy Education Alliance Meeting, CERN High School Teacher Training Program 2012.

Colm O Coilleain

Colm O Coilleain is a Science teacher in a post-primary school in County Dublin. A native Irish speaker and a part-time PhD student at the International Centre for Innovation and Workplace Learning (ICIWL) at Dublin City University (DCU), Colm's research is focused on the European Inspiring Science Education (ISE) project.  In July 2015, Colm was awarded a PhD Scholarship from An Chomhairle um Oideachas Gaeltachta & Gaelscolaíochta (COGG) under the supervision of Dr. Yvonne Crotty, School of Education Studies, DCU.

Tatiana Mărăndici

Tatiana Mărăndici is Director at Casa Corpului Didactic Vâlcea, Romania and she was Inspector for EU Programs at Inspector for EU Programs at Inspectoratul Scolar Valcea. She is currently teaching Physics in secondary education school, to 12 to 18 years old students. 
In September 2014, she took place in the Inspiring Science Education Workshop in Romania, understanding how to use WorldWide Telescope.

Lorena Elena Olaru

Lorena's teaching career started in 1985. She is currently teaching Physics, Chemistry and ICT to 11 to 15 year old students. She is addicted to teaching and always looking to improve her teaching and learning skills. Lorena has a particular interest in using ICT in the classroom and loves to share ideas and resources.

George Vaju

George teaches Physics and Computer Science in high secondary school, at C.T. Grigore Moisil from Bistrita. His students are 14 to 19 years old. He teaches all chapters of general Physics, i.e. optics, mechanics, thermodynamics, electricity, magnetism, atom’s physics and nuclear physics. During teaching process George uses different methods of simulating experiments, educational soft, games, media resources. He tries to combine in an harmonious way classical methods with new ones offered by modern techniques.