Mission 31 – 31 Days of Underwater Exploration

Mission 31 is a ground breaking 31 day living experiment led by Fabien Cousteau, oceanographic explorer, conservationist and documentary film-maker.  The mission, broadcast on multiple channels, took place at the Aquarius lab - the world’s only underwater marine habitat and lab. 

“Mission 31 was founded on the passion to bring the lessons learned from the ocean floor back to the surface in real time. Through carrying out experiments researching the effects climate change and pollution have on coral reefs, developing and testing cutting-edge technologies, and engaging students around the world in STEM education lessons and live video chats via Skype in the Classroom. The mission proved to be a critical step in exposing the world to our life support system — the ocean.” 
2014, Fabien Cousteau, Research & Education, http://mission-31.com/about-mission-31/research-education/ (accessed 17/07/2014)

To see video footage, download educational resources and read about the original 30 day experiment 50 years ago, visit the Mission 31 website