Workshop: Innovative Science and Maths teaching with media-based tools and approaches

Wednesday, 9 March, 2016
Flemish Minister of Education, Brussels, Belgium

This pre-conference workshop will highlight the work of media-active teachers and trainers and will feature demos of useful tools and exciting resources that can be used in different ways in STEM teaching.

This workshop will include talks, demonstrations and networking opportunities and is open to anyone interested in discussing the use of media in STEM teaching. It will also include the input of finalists in the MEDEA Awards who have been short-listed for a special prize to recognise excellence in the use of media to support STEM teaching. This competition is open to everyone involved in the teaching of STEM subjects including teachers, content producers and trainers. The closing date for entries is 30 November 2015.

Both this workshop and the MEDEA prize are supported by the Inspiring Science Education Project (ISE). ISE is all about providing the tools and opportunities to make science education more challenging, more playful and above all more imaginative and inspiring for today’s students, the citizens of tomorrow’s world. Many of these tools have a media dimension and during the lifetime of this project piloting activities are taking place in 5000 primary and secondary schools in 15 European countries.

Registration cost: If you are already registered to attend the Media & Learning Conference on 10-11 March, then you can attend this workshop for free. If you are only attending this workshop, then the cost of attending the workshop is €50.

You can register here.