Strengthen the STEM Research Competency Lessons Workshop

Wednesday, 8 October, 2014

How Do you Strengthen the STEM Research Competency Lessons in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math?
Opportunity to be a pilot school in the European project “Inspiring Science Education”

Rhombus will show the latest applications from Vernier including:  

  • Logger Pro
    We show how easy it is to perform real-time demonstrations and projecting in the classroom, and how students can use the software at home for analysis and independent work to prepare for their lab practicals.
  • VideoPhysics
    Use home movies to apply motion analysis. This application works directly on a variety of tablets, or on a Windows / Mac computer.
  • LabQuest 2
    So much more than a data logger. Use LabQuest 2 as an interface for data logging on tablets or PC, go out into the fields with your students and measure water quality or take LabQuest 2 to a theme park for measurements around motion and acceleration.
  • KidWind Project
    How does solar and wind power work? The new KidWind building systems creates a windmill in the classroom allowing you to work around the theme of alternative energy.

The "Inspiring Science Education" project is your passport to inspirational digital learning resources for science education in Europe.  Belgian partner ATiT will explain about the project and how Flemish schools can participate as a pilot school. 

  • What is “Inspiring Science Education”? 
    In more than 5,000 schools in primary and secondary education in 15 European countries, pilot activities will take place. Teachers have access to interactive simulations, educational games and eScience applications.
  • What resources are available to use?
    Through an online platform schools can access interactive tools and digital resources from around the world and ready to use immediately.  There are a variety of eTools for students to learn science, technology, engineering and mathematics in a practical, competitive and exciting way

When?   Wednesday 8 October 2014 - from 14.00 to 17.00

Who?   Science teachers, teacher trainers, principals

Where?   Rhombus bvba, Tweemontstraat 169 in Antwerp ( close to the Sportpaleis) www.rhombus.be 

Price?    Free.  

Register?  Yes, registration is necessary to book a place.  Click here to register.  Please note that this workshop will be delivered in Dutch.

Information leaflet:  

STEM Workshop_8oktober2014_NL.pdf (Dutch)