Seep: down to Earth science education, Rome

Tuesday, 1 September, 2015 to Saturday, 5 September, 2015
Rome, Italy

This course is intended for teachers of science who wish to bring the subject of environment and energy as a cross topic or cross curricular subject of discussion in science education. It will touch upon putting in green topics as an inspiration for future applications and careers in green science. It touches upon engaging video making in environment topics and interaction with stakeholders and players in the green economy and policy making.

For registration for this course write to seepnetwork@vismednet.net



The course has three objectives :

The course is intended for teachers of middle and secondary schools. It is also intended for trainers in the vocational education and training sector. It is a course that imparts skills and fosters a positive attitude in the minds of teachers towards the environment and scientific aspects of climate change, recycling, natural or alternative sources of energy and future applications in science that could be detrimental or beneficial for the environment. The course will therefore :
- help teachers see the potential of making the environment as a theme that is cross topic and that runs horizontal through the curriculum,
- help teachers see the environment as a topic that could develop as an ongoing project for students at an individual or group level,
- entice teachers to carry out research and to instil the research culture in the classroom through extra and cross curricular activities around the topic of the environment in the science classroom,
- give confidence to the teachers to use alternative media and to allow the students to take initiative and adopt technologies and vehicles of their choice that enhance science education, make it more attractive and tap specific interest of students who may seek a science career in the future especially in the area of environment protection and conservation.