Researchers Night 2015 - The Universe: Mystery beyond and within or Inspiring Science Education

Friday, 25 September, 2015
Bucharest, Romania

This is about dreaming. Dream to escape. Dream to be powerful. Dream to explore. Dream to find a new house for humans. Even if we are vulnerable we can succeed. This is about our searches to travel in the outer space, to sustain human life in the extraterrestrial space, especial on Mars.

 The European Researchers' Night celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Whether with family, friends, your school, or on your own, everybody will have the opportunity to become a scientist for a day, discover different scientific disciplines and, most of all, have fun.  All the events will take place - simultaneously - on 25 September, in 280 cities across Europe and beyond.

For example, in Following Curiosity on Mars, students will follow the rover Curiosity on its way to the red planet Mars by using the World Wide Telescope. The didactical approach is based on scientific inquiry in order to give students the enjoyment of finding out for themselves and initiates appreciation of the nature of scientific activity, of the power and the limitations of science. The final product of the teams of students will be the presentation of a slide show created during their journey on Mars.

These lessons will be presented in the Researchers Night event, on 25th of September 2015, during the Astro-Researchers Night event, held in the University Plaza from Bucharest, Romania.

 In Romania there will be the Noaptea Cercetatorilor, where Grigore Moisil National College from Bucharest will participate with a mix of European and National projects, described below. Based on some of the Big Ideas of and about Science and using the World Wide Telescope, the Romanian team from SIVECO Romania developed under the frame of ISE project, 4 lessons (demonstrators) for Astronomy, Science and Physics lessons. Their names are:

 - Following Curiosity on Mars

 -  The Blue Planet

Is sky the limit? - A journey between stars

Finding a new house for humans in the outer space

Grigore Moisil National College will have interactive presentations of educational activities developed during the projects: 5 High schools – 5 Research Institutes from Romania, Inspiring Science Education (SIVECO Romania) and National Romanian Contest “Nicolaus Copernicus” ( ASUR) dedicated to the birth and the evolution of the Universe.

And this about exploring Universe by using virtual telescopes, video clips, spectral music, extraterrestrial sounds, rovers on Mars and how we can go there.