ISE Webinar: NASA Kepler Mission

Tuesday, 12 July, 2016

Title: NASA Kepler Mission

Date and time: Tuesday 12 July 2016 - 16:00 CEST

Location: online

The NASA Kepler Mission has a number of excellent educational resources on its website. Learn about:

  • modeling the transit method of planet finding using a light sensor and orrery
  • making and using a starfinder that has naked eye stars known to have exoplanets
  • online interactives that show how light curves are used to discover exoplanets



Useful links

Website - http://kepler.nasa.gov/

Kepler News - http://kepler.nasa.gov/news/nasakeplernews/

Activities - http://kepler.nasa.gov/education/activities/

Transit Tracks - http://kepler.nasa.gov/education/activities/transitTracks/

Orreries (FOSS & LEGO) - http://kepler.nasa.gov/education/ModelsandSimulations/LegoOrrery/

Light Grapher - http://kepler.nasa.gov/education/ModelsandSimulations/lightgrapher/

Kepler Transit Hunt Interactive - http://kepler.nasa.gov/multimedia/Interactives/# or http://kepler.nasa.gov/multimedia/Interactives/keplerFlashAdvDiscovery/flash.cfm

 Kepler Orbit-Light Curve Interactives: in Discoveries Table, click on any of the planets up to about Kepler-410Ab http://kepler.nasa.gov/Mission/discoveries/

 Kepler Star Wheels - http://kepler.nasa.gov/education/starwheel/

 Full recorded webinars of Kepler Star Wheels and Transit Tracks (for International Year of Light) - http://kepler.nasa.gov/multimedia/videos/

 Uncle Al's Starwheels - http://www.lawrencehallofscience.org/do_science_now/science_apps_and_activities/starwheels

 Sky Challengers - http://www.planetarium-activities.org/order/sky-challengers

 DIY Sky Challenger - http://store.lawrencehallofscience.org/Item/sky-challenger

Questions? contact Alan Gould: agould[at]berkeley.edu


Alan Gould

Alan Gould, UC Berkeley, USA

Alan Gould has been Co-Investigator for Education and Public Outreach for the NASA Kepler Mission since 2000. At Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California Berkeley, he also directs the Global Systems Science high school curriculum project, Co-Directs the Hands-On Universe project, was Director of the LHS Planetarium for over a decade, is co-author of Great Explorations in Math and Science (GEMS) teacher guides, and is currently on the Full Option Science System (FOSS) middle school course revision team. He has over 40 years of experience developing and presenting hands-on science activities and 25 years of experience organizing and leading teacher education workshops.