ISE Ireland: a workshop and a webinar about the ISE project

Tuesday, 10 February, 2015 to Wednesday, 11 February, 2015

The Dublin City University organised 2 project dissemination events:

 1) 10 February 2015 -  ISE Information & Collaboration Webinar

This session will involve a new group of Science teachers and Principals of Irish schools coming on board the ISE   programme. We will give an introduction to the overall concept of ISE and what it involves:

  •     Introduction to digital resources, class plans (Demonstrators), repositories for science related teaching & learning eTools.
  •     Introduction to the ISE Portal, communities and support.
  •     Provide an opportunity for Irish schools to collaborate and make contacts in this new resourceful digital environment.

2) 11 February 2015 -  ISE/IBL & Demonstrator Training Workshop

  •     Introduction to ISE programme, benefits and resources.
  •     Introduction to IBL and application with digital resources.
  •     Introduction on how to write an IBL lesson plan using the ISE Demonstrator template.
  •     Introduction to teachers to Portal of re-usable Demonstrators on the ISE portal.
  •     Target audience: Potential new group (6o schools).