Inspiration for Inquiry Learning

Wednesday, 15 April, 2015

The purpose of this workshop is to get inspired by how teaching and learning according to an inquiry approach can be supported by technology. After a brief presentation all participants will work in small groups on setting up a lesson plan structure, distinguishing the learning activities of the inquiry approach, categories of digital, interactive tools, and the functions that these tools can fulfil in supporting teaching and learning processes. After these lesson structures have been created, each group narrates their lesson structure by presenting it to the group. In a group discussion each participant can learn from and respond to others' narratives.

Participants learn about the diversity of available digital, interactive tools, that can be used to support inquiry-based education. They will learn how learning goals can be achieved by supporting inquiry-based teaching with digital, interactive tools. They will also learn how learning activities can be supported by different categories of tools, and that tools can fulfil different functions in the processes of teaching and learning.
Website: http://nl.cbe-group.com