Go-Lab Hands-On Workshop on the use of the Go-Lab Portal for science teaching

Wednesday, 2 September, 2015
Helsinki, Finland

The workshop will introduce the participants to the Go-Lab project and its motivation, goals and ideas. Then a detailed hands-on session with the Go-Lab Portal will follow. It will be demonstrated how to use the Go-Lab Portal and its Repository for online labs, apps and Inquiry Learning Spaces and how to work with the teacher authoring interface and the student interface. Furthermore, the participants will create and publish themselves Inquiry Learning Spaces with the Authoring Tool Graasp. To provide the participants with full support after the workshop, they will be introduced to the Tutoring Platform where they have the possibility to consult experienced teachers and experts for help if any problem or doubt occurs.

The workshop follows three main objectives: on the one hand, to introduce the progress of the Go-Lab project to the scientific community and familiarizing workshop participants with the use of the Go-Lab Portal and, on the other hand, to gather feedback for the further development of the Go-Lab infrastructure. Additionally, it is aimed to invite scientists to promote Go-Lab among school teachers as an instrument for integrating inquiry-based activities into their everyday teaching practice.