Chasing Comets - Google Hangout

Wednesday, 14 January, 2015

The solar system is littered with Ice. The bulk of this material orbits quietly in the outer Solar System, but sometimes, something disturbs the ice and it comes plunging in toward the Sun. In this Google Hangout, we will discuss comets, how we explore them, and how they brought water to worlds like Earth.

Highlighted Program: Rosetta
Highlighted Inquiry Activity: Follow Rosetta through solar system with Celestia, control Philea Activity
Additional Activities:  Build a comet, Eyes on the Solar System

One in a series of Hangouts with Dr Pamela L Gay.

Hangout rocording: part 1 & part 2

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Also, join the community dedicated to explore the topic of comets and their probable importance for life on Earth.  The community will be populated with relevant tools and resources to help the construction of innovative and engaging scenarios related to comets and their exploration.

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