Astrophysics (From Quantum to the Cosmos)

Tuesday, 17 March, 2015

Astrophysics ( From Quantum to the Cosmos) : Bringing Cutting Edge Science into the Classroom

A day of exploring cutting edge research at the extremes of scale and how it can be used to inspire students and enhance teaching and learning in the classroom.

The day is mainly focussed on effective ways to teach a wide range of topics from Post 16 Physics, including a selection of excellent resources.

The event brings together four experts in the fields of astronomy and particle physics:

Dr Cristina Lazzeroni (Reader in Particle Physics, University of Birmingham)
Lynne Long (Schools Liaison Officer, School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Birmingham)
Dr Chris North (Astrophysics Researcher and Community Engagement Coordinator, Cardiff University)
Andy McMurray (Head of Teaching and Learning, National Space Centre, Leicester)

An RCUK bursary is available for teachers or technicians working in state-funded schools.


You will be able to:

  • identify new contexts and ideas for effective delivery of How Science Works
  • explore scientific issues and controversies
  • engage with inspiring teaching resources and approaches including practical work
  • work alongside scientists involved in cutting edge research to develop knowledge and skills in authentic contexts
  • demonstrate how mathematical skills are relevant to course topics

Check out the event on the ISE Community Portal!

More information, including information on how to apply, is available on the National Science Learning Centre website.